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Curriculum for foreign teachers of children's English

  • International School Curriculum

    Foreign teachers teach one-on-one and let children play games with lovely foreign teachers. They got used to western thinking in the Enlightenment period Open the key cognitive stage of western culture and language

  • Activity Curriculum

    We know how to stimulate the baby's unlimited potential. Enlightenment education experts give you step-by-step teaching method of baby English

  • Study Tour Programs

    From pronunciation to the first step of exploring the unknown world, your companionship and the cultivation of child’s  interest are the key to success.

Concept of children's English Curriculum

Special training cultivates pronunciation, interests and habits, and the international teaching mode stimulates creativity from an early age

Provide courses that can fully stimulate children's interest and curiosity

The value is to really help children learn more than English

Advantages of children's English Curriculum

Cultivate interest in English learning and lay a solid foundation for children at the golden age of language learning

  • Vivid and scientific enlightenment curriculum system

  • An important guide for cultivating interest in foreign language learning

  • Experts customize teaching programs that fit children's personality and learning habits

Our teachers team

  • High standards for qualification review

    ● Qualification: English Teaching Certificate

    ● Education: Bachelor degree or above

    ● Language: From the native English-speaking country

    ● Authentication: The applicant has been authenticated by the         Chinese embassy/consulate or foreign embassy/consulate in       China

    ● Permit: Obtain a work permit issued by the Foreign Experts         Bureau and a residence permit visa issued by the PSB

  • Perfect training system

    ● Teaching: TEFL/TESOL training and certification, regular professional teaching skills training and academic education

    ● Assessment: At least once a month in accordance with the Academic Training Development Plan, as well as dedicated training in academic and business skills

    ● Safety: Regular training on child protection and school safety