Language teaching qualification certificate

Language certificate is one of the important standards for recruiting English teachers in key schools and excellent educational institutions in China.

The Teaching English as Foreign Language("TEFL") certification is officially recognized throughout China. TEFL is an online course that only requires 120 hours of  study. Each unit’s content includes charts, tables, and diagrams to support the content. Also included are audios and videos from teachers who are working in China, sharing their own experiences.

The goal of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages("TESOL")  course is to explore the methods and theories of English teaching and to improve the level of English teachers. TESOL teaching method must  take into account the influence of the learners' mother tongue and cultural background in the teaching process.

Postgraduate Certificate in Education("PGCE") course lasts for one year and focuses on cultivating teaching skills and subject knowledge. After obtaining the PGCE certificate and having one year of local teaching (Internship) experience in the UK, you can apply for the QTS(Qualified Teacher Status) test to obtain the British teacher qualification certificate.

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TEFL in China Online

The TEFL in China Online course has very clear goals. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  Understand and utilize current TEFL methodology and practices in the Chinese TEFL classroom.

  Understand, describe, plan, and apply the key aspects of English Language Teaching (ELT) in a variety of Chinese contexts. 

  Show an understanding through sensitivity and respect of Chinese cultural norms that factor into their classroom, school, and living contexts. 

 The certificate is officially recognized as a qualification for teaching English throughout China, and it provides an excellent credential for entering the TEFL profession.



  USAPTC established the purpose of advanced educational concept, standardized auditing mechanism, issued many professional education qualification certificates and provided official verification to education/training institutions.

  USAPTC has now become an independent committee organization with over thousands of institutions (including schools, educational institutions, etc.) to serve adults and non-traditional students in the United States and around the world. 

  Since its establishing, the USAPTC has met the changing needs of many educators and students with its innovation, quality and trust. 



  • It's advisable to gain a PGCE if you want to teach in Scotland and other countries such as the USA, as the PGCE is an internationally-recognised qualification. 

  • Often starting with an academic focus, PGCE courses usually cover teaching and learning theory, managing classroom behaviour and current educational issues.

  • Pupil numbers are rising and this increases the demand for teachers. If you've completed a PGCE in a shortage subject, such as physics, maths, chemistry, computing, languages, biology, geography or design and technology, your knowledge and skills are particularly sough after.

I wouldn’t be in this wonderful country with the great job I have right now if it wasn’t for this course, and it was easy, informative, and helpful.


Public School Teacher, SHANGHAI