Early Childhood
Homeroom teacher

Students'age :3-6

Yubei district, Chongqin Province

16-20k before tax 

February 2024


Chongqing City  Full-time Teaching Job in Kindergarten
 (Homeroom teacher )
-Work visa 
-Native or Non-native speaker 
-Bachelor's degree
-TEFL/TESOL certificate 
-Teaching experience  
-Major in English or education
Job details:
-Location:Chongqing city 
-Start date:February 2024
-Age group:3-6 
-Class size:25                      
-Current FTs:3 
-Weekly days off:2 days off on weekends 
-Weekly teaching hours:10 
-Work schedule:8:00-11:30am/2:30-5:30pm 
-Monthly salary:16-20k before tax 
-Housing allowance:2K/Free apartment
-Summer holiday:15 days, half paid
-Winter holiday:15 days,half paid 
-Airfare allowance:8K

Chongqing is one of the four municipalities of the PRC, one of China's five  major cities, a GROUP URBAN made from a large city (Chongqing  Downtown),and six regional central city that population of over one million, and  25 other counties. The upper Yangtze River economic and financial center,  inland export processing base and first area of expanding the opening , an  important modern manufacturing base in China, the industrialization of  scientific research base of the upper Yangtze River, central and western  regions development of circular economy demonstration areas, the State  high-tech industrial base, China's auto city, capital of motorcycles of China,  The upper Yangtze River shipping center, transportation hub in Southwest  China, Development of the Chinese government to implement the  development of western regions and countries, urban and rural comprehensive  reform pilot area, China's most well-being city. Long history, one of the second  batch of national historical and cultural city the State Council announced. The  world map hanging in the halls of the United Nations, marked only the names  of four cities in China, one of which is Chongqing.