high school
Chemistry teacher

Students' age:16-18

Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province


Feb. 2024


Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province Full-time Teaching Job in Private school
-Work visa 
-Native speaker
-Bachelor's degree or above
-TEFL/TESOL certificate 
-3-5 years of Teaching experience  

 Job details:
-Location: Hangzhou City Zhejiang Province
-Start date: Feb. 2024
-Course: A-level/AP
-Subject: English/Chemistry/Physics/Math/Biology
-Age group: 13-18
-Class size:15-20                       
-Current FTs: 20 
-Weekly days off:2 days off on weekends 
-Weekly teaching hours: 20 
-Monthly salary: 25-33k before tax 
-Housing allowance: 4K
-Summer holiday: 8 weeks, fully paid
-Winter holiday: 4 weeks, fully paid 
-Insurance: Medical Insurance 
-Relocation allowance: 6K
-Airfare allowance: 12K
-Child Education Benefits:one child for free

The wonderful juxtaposition of old and new is one of Hangzhou’s main draws, let alone the fact that peacefulness is at the very core of its essence. Crazy that, when you learn that this gorgeous city is only an hour’s train-ride away from Shanghai. Beautiful Hangzhou Lake, littered with rustic tea houses and shrouded in ancient art and history, is right in the city’s centre. Renowned for its ancient silk industry, its amazing bike-sharing system, its blossoming tech innovation scene and for its picturesque tea-growing villages just outside the city’s perimeter, Hangzhou can really be the T to your scone. There’s a ton of stunning destinations to visit on weekends nearby although your need to ‘get away from it all’ will undoubtedly be much less if you actually live and teach here.