High school
PE teacher

Students’ age: 15-18

Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Salary: 25- 40k before tax

August 2024


Guangzhou City Full-time Teaching Job in international school 
(A-level/IG Economy and Business,PE(management ability),Humanity history,english teacher for High school)

-Work visa
-American-born Chinese or Bilingual teacher
-Bachelor degree or above
-TEFL/TESOL certificate
Job details: 
-Location: Guangzhou City
-Start date: August 2024
-Course: IG/A-level 
-Work schedule:Monday- Friday 8:00-5:30
-Work hours:30

-Salary: 25-40k, before tax
-Provide apartment
-Insurance:Medical Insurance
-Airfare Allowance:15K
-Summer & Winter  holiday:10 weeks Full paid
-Professional development subsidy:5K
-Excess baggage allowance:2K
-Contract completion bonus
-Children’s tuition fee remission: 2 children for free

Who will love it: Culture junkies who want to live somewhere a little less typical!

Population: 14.4 million (there are only 4 states in the USA with a larger population)

Language: Cantonese and Mandarin

Teaching English salary range:  $1,100 – 2,500 USD per month

Fun fact: This city is a bit of a name changer. It’s previously been called Canton and Panyu!

Types of ESL jobs: business English, private academies, and public schools

Obvious bonus: A hop, skip and a jump to Hong Kong

The third largest of China’s cities. Guangzhou is a little off the beaten track. It’s Hong Kong’s neighbor and boasts an international airport – so you can get your travel-on pretty easily. It’s home to the Pearl River and they make their own beer (although rumor has it – it’s far from the perfect pint!). From museums to towers, startling skyscrapers, and the massive (even by Chinese standards) Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, there’s plenty to do and see without ever leaving Guangzhou.

One of the major benefits of this city is that the cost of living is considerably cheaper than Beijing or Shanghai, while still having all the benefits of a bigger-scale city. You will have more than enough brands and restaurants from home, and plenty of opportunity to save. It’s a little off the international radar, so it’s also not swamped with tourists year round.

The climate is temperate (occasionally a bit rainy) ☔ – so you can escape the Baltic winters of more northern cities. It’s green 365 days a year and is known as the city of flowers, making it one of the most colorful cities in China. If you want to live in a place with flowers blooming all year, then this might just be the city for you.

Native English speakers will have no trouble landing a job in this busy city. Depending on your qualifications there are opportunities in both public and private institutes as well as a wealth of companies who teach Business English.