High school
ESL teacher


Guangzhou, Guangdong

23-33K before tax

Sep. 2024


Guangzhou City, Guangdong province Full-time Teaching Job
ESL teacher and Social Science for High school

- Work visa
- Native Speaker
- Bachelor Degree or above
- TEFL/TESOL Certificate 
- More than 2 years of teaching experience

Job details: 
- Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong
- Start date: Sep. 2024
- Students’ age: 15-18
- Teaching hours per week: 25 Max
- Class size:Core units:30
                        elective units:3-35
- Weekly days off: Weekend

- Salary : 23-33K before tax
- Provide apartment
- Z-visa sponsored
- Buffet is served in the school dining hall twice a day;
- Insurance:Group Medical, Accident Insurance and Spouse Insurance are provided
- Summer holiday: 6-7 weeks
- Winter holiday: 3 weeks
- Annual physical examination
- Birthday, and some holiday presents
- Professional staff training and professional development system

Guangzhou City Guide

A popular Tier 1 TEFL city in China, Guangzhou certainly has a lot to offer and is a wonderfully distinct alternative to either Beijing and Shanghai. First and foremost is the fact that despite its commercial prominence as the manufacturing capital of China and the fact that it’s the country’s third-largest city, Guangzhou exudes a much more relaxing vibe. People just don’t seem to be constantly in a rush here, unlike other major teaching cities and that translates to a more laid-back lifestyle for expat teachers. The proximity to Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, the lovely stretch of South China Sea coast nearby, the distinct European influence and the mild climate all contribute to Guangzhou’s immense popularity among foreign teachers.

Much like Hong Kong, Guangzhou also boasts a more amalgamated expat scene. Whilst you’ll find somewhat distinct British, Australian or Dutch expat communities in more prominent cities, Guangzhou and its (relative) diminutive size doesn’t lend itself well to separation: everyone’s thrown into the pot together so your soon-to-be social circles are likely to be a lot more diverse, a mixed-bag of all different nationalities that make life a little more colourful.

A sensational standard of living, fantastic travel opportunities and a wide array of neighbourhoods offering a wealth of scenes (from vibrant and trendy hoods ideal for young singe expats to family-friendly suburbs) Guangzhou has a ‘scene’ to suit every TEFL teacher. The benefits of a Tier 1 teaching destination with the added bonus of being a much more relaxing place to live.

What’s not to love about that?

Guangzhou as a TEFL destination – What’s life like for an expat?

Historically open to the world and welcoming of foreign trade since ancient times, Guangzhou is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in China. If it’s your first time teaching English abroad, you can consider this a ‘safe bet’ as far as culture-shock is concerned. Not only will you encounter plenty of foreigners every single day, but the local cuisine will be a lot more recognisable to you and the overall feel of the city, whilst still very authentically Chinese, will seem much more international. Because it is!

Here’s a quick overview of life in Guangzhou that’ll help you decide if this southern Chinese city is just the English-teaching destination for you.

Climate in Guangzhou​

The subtropical monsoon climate of Guangzhou means you miss out on those very frosty winters that are typical in the north (hooray) yet you will have to deal with the torrential downpours of wet season (Summer), which runs roughly from May to September, with May and June being the rainiest months of all. Typhoons are not uncommon during this period yet the resulting Autumn colours in which the city is entrenched from October to January, will more than make up for it. January is the coldest month of the year, with very bearable daily averages of around 10 -degrees-C.

Cost of living in Guangzhou

Being an affluent city yet not the #1 most-coveted TEFL destination makes Guangzhou incredibly affordable. You can score a brand-new apartment for much less than the same would cost you in Beijing, Shanghai and even Shenzhen although your best bet is to save a ton of cash by renting in an older building. Luckily, Guangzhou still has plenty of ‘old(er)’ left (for now) which can make living here incredibly affordable. Teacher salaries can be right up there with the best, moreover, and that translates to a very profitable choice for expat teachers. Local food is super cheap (as is local transport) and even Western meals, normally priced much higher, are cheaper here than elsewhere.