Elementary school
Head of Mathematics

Student age: 7-15

Meilan district,Haikou city

Salary: 25-38k

Start date:Aug 2023


Haikou City Full-time Teaching Job
(Head of Boarding/Day Housemaster or Housemistress/Head of Mathematics/Subject Teacher-Science(Biology)/Head of English/English Teacher/Head of Music/Head of PE/PE Teacher/Head of Music and Performance/SENCO)

-Native speaker
-Work visa
-Bachelor Degree or above
-At least 2 years of corresponding working experience

Job details: 
-Location: Meilan district,Haikou city
-Start date:Aug 2023
-Work Schedule: 7.45-16.45
-Weekly days off: weekends
-Student age: 7-15
-Class size:20-22
-Teaching hours:25-30/week
-Duration: 45  Min
-Current FTs:20
-Monthly salary: 25-38k before tax 
-Apartment:free provided
-Summer holiday & Winter holiday: 3 months,fully paid 
-Free meal : 3 meals(Monday to Friday) 
-Child Education Benefits:2 children for free
-Insurance:Social Insurance
-Travelling allowances: One round-trip airfare reimbursement per academic year

Haikou (海口 Hǎikǒu) is the provincial capital of Hainan Province in southern China and is at the north end of the Hainan Island. Haikou is a tropical coastal city that, as one of the least developed provincial capitals, has a somewhat laid-back atmosphere.

Its population consists mostly of immigrants from other provinces, and many development projects are in progress.

Many streets in Haikou are quite different during the day than in the evening. You will soon notice the abundance of coconut trees in Haikou. Most streets are lined with them. It is greener than most Chinese cities and has decent air quality.

The downtown does not have many tourist attractions and the water in its only beach area is murky but as a transport hub, it can serve a base for traveling to some cities on the north of Hainan.

The tropical weather of Haikou has attracted the Chinese all over the country to move to this island, along with their specialty. While most tourists don't come to Haikou for food, an impressive choice of foods is a hidden gem. The cooking style is a fusion of Cantonese, Hokkienese and certain Southeast Asian elements and seafood is impressive.

Prices have surged as the tourism industry is booming. However, prices are still generally lower than many other Chinese cities if you can avoid being overcharged. Compare to other places such as Sanya, Haikou is less touristy and a way cheaper to taste the local food.