Elementary school
English teacher

Students age:7-12

Haikou city, Hainan province

18-24k after tax 

Start date: August, 2024


Haikou City Hainan Province Full-time Teaching Job in Private school
 ( ESL*2 Homeroom*6  for Kindergarten primary and Secondary school )
-Work visa 
-Native speaker 
-Bachelor's degree
-TEFL/TESOL certificate 
-Teaching experience  

Job details:
-Location:Chengmai,Hainan province 
-Start date:August 2024
-Age group:3-6 6-7                  
-Current FTs:30 
-Weekly days off:2 days off on weekends 
-Work schedule:
Primary school:8:40-11:50/14:40-17:30

-Monthly salary:18-24k after tax 
-Housing allowance:1k
-Summer holiday:6-8weeks, full paid
-Winter holiday:3-4 weeks, full paid 
-Insurance:Medical Insurance  
-Child Education Benefits:first child 30%,2 child 50%(Tuition fee is 30K)


Hainan was named Zhuya, Qiongzhou and Qiongya at various ancient times. In Yuan Dynasty, Emperor Hanwu (110 BC) started to set the Zhuya and Dan'er prefectures on the island. The administration was changed hereafter. In the end of Tang Dynasty, the Qiongzhoufu was establishes and commanded Qiong, Ya, Dan, Zhen, and Wanan, 5 states 22 counties. From Ming Dynasty (in 1370) to the end of Qing Dynasty, Qiongzhoufu was under the administration of Guangdong.
In the Republic of China era, Hainan was still dominated by Guangdong Province. In April 1949 the Hainan special administrative region senior official government office was established, for vice-provincial level government. After May 1st, 1950 Hainan administration government office was created, still subordinated to Guangdong Province. In April 1988 Hainan provincial people's government was established with Haikou as its capital. The Hainan special economic zone was established at the same time.

Location & Topography
An island of southern China in the South China Sea, separated from Leizhou Peninsula by Qiongzhou strait, which includes Hainan, Xisha, Nansha, Zhongsha islands. It faces Viet Nam on the west, Hongkong and Taiwan on the east. Southeast is Philippines, south reaches to Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. The geographical position is extremely superior. It covers 34,000 sq. meters. Land area 33,900 sq. km, sea area 2.1million sq. km. The total coastline is about 1,529 km.

The Hainan Province climate is the tropical monsoon climate and the tropical oceanic climate. It's always high temperature and wet, dry and rainy seasons are distinct. There are more tropical storms and typhoon in summer. The average temperature very year is 22-26℃, in January-February average temperature is 16-24℃ and in July-August the average temperature is 25-29℃. It's like spring all the year round.

Middle, east and west-line, the three arterial highways from Haikou to Sanya as well as the east-line highway going through the eastern from north to south complete the land traffic skeleton of the whole island.

More than 7 million people live in Hainan, one of the famous overseas Chinese districts. There are Li, Miao, Hui and other ethnic minorities, more than 1,2million people. Various ethnic minorities still retain their unvarnished customs and living habits. It makes Hainan Island’s social style and features more and more wonderful and mysterious.

Hainan Island, as our tropical crop base. The output of rubber accounts for more than 60% of our country. In addition, also have the sisal, coffee, coconut tree, pineapple and other tropical crops. The tropical rain forest is rich in the precious lumber, medicinal plants and precious birds and beasts. The sea area is rich in the grouper, sea turtle, lobster and so on. The resource is very rich.