High School
Chemistry Teacher

Student‘s age:15-18

Daqing City,Heilongjiang Province

after tax 25-30k

February 2024


Daqing City Heilongjiang Province  Full-time Teaching Job in International school
 (English,Economics/Business,Maths/Physics,Chemistry and Biology teacher for High school)
-Work visa 
-Native speaker 
-Bachelor's degree
-Teaching experience 
Job details:
-Location:Daqing City Heilongjiang Province
-Start date: February 2024
-Age group:  15-18
-Class size:about 25                
-Current FTs:14
-Weekly days off:2 days off on weekends 
-Weekly teaching hours:up to 16.5hrs
-Work schedule:7:15-17:00 
-Monthly salary:after tax 25-30k(negotiable)
-Housing allowance:Free on-campus accommodation
-Summer holiday:6 weeks,full paid
-Winter holiday:2-3 weeks,full paid 
-Insurance:Medical Insurance 
-Airfare allowance:up to RMB 8000
-Contract completion bonus
-Referral bonus policy

Daqing, located in the western Songnen Plain, is an oil,petrochemical and high-tech industry known for emerging city is a shining pearl in the north country, known as the "green oil-based capital, natural 100 Lake City, the North Hot Springs township. "
Daqing is China's largest oil field and an important petrochemical base. Oil production 50 years ago, accumulatively countries to contribute 2 billion tons of crude oil, profits and taxes turned over 1.7 trillion yuan and exports worth 50 billion U.S. dollars; dynamic farming and animal husbandry and in high-tech industries as the leading local economy thrive. The National Bureau of Statistics at the national competitions in the city's comprehensive strength ranks No. 19.
Daqing, is a unique cultural heritage of the city. Patriotism, pioneering, truth-seeking spirit of dedication of Daqing, the iron man carrying forward the spirit of constant innovation; professional cultural works one after another, mass culture and colorful; Daqing people healthy and caring society and live in peace, happiness and harmonious; social undertakings flourishing, and now owns six University, the 10 model high schools, nearly a hundred research institutes, and is gradually becoming the cultural city in northern China.
Daqing, is an eco-garden-oriented city, lake in the town, the Town in the Green. Busy urban areas, streets spacious, building unique, square Hui-hung, the environment elegant. Daytime, clear-sky blue grass green; night light star bright Fengqing. Summer solstice flowers, such as band, the winter snow rhyme abundance, filling European style. Dubai has won the United Nations to improve the living Environment Award and the Chinese Settlement Environment Award. In 2008 won the national civilized city and the National Sanitary City and other awards, for the city of Heilongjiang Hara!
Daqing, is an emerging city in the wet ground. Surrounded by two rivers, green miles, lake Ze clouds, reeds and graciousness; Probe into wetlands, historical sites pursuit, grassland, horse racing, lake, surf, watch rare birds, Spa & Wellness ... ... here are the country's largest city wetland - Dragon Nature Reserve constitutes a beautiful wetland tourism landscape, be called man and nature live in harmony classic example.