Middle/high school
PE teacher

Students’ age: 12–18 years old

Chengyang District Qingdao City

25-32K before tax

Start date: August


- Native speaker
- Work visa
- Experience of teaching second language speakers an advantage.
- Boarding school experience also an advantage. 
- Specific single teachers or teaching couples unless partner is a housemistress are welcomed(Location unsuitable for teachers with children below sixth form ).
- We need staff to become Housemistresses, willingness to become a Head of House or Deputy head of House is an advantage. 
- There will be opportunities to join the pastoral team and become an middle manager.
Job details: 
- Location: Chengyang District Qingdao City
- Start date: Middle of August
- Course: Biology/Geog/PE/Maths/Chemistry/Psychology
- Students’ age: 12–18 years old
- Work Schedule:8am—4:30pm
             On duty (from 4:30pm—8:00pm) once a week/twice a week
- Work days: 5.5 days per week
- Teaching hours:26 hours per week
- Free individual accommodation,no utilities bills
- Paid official Chinese holidays and annual leave days
- Total annual leave:3.5--4 months/full paid
- One flight at end of one year
- Placement fees:10000rmb
- Contract Completion Award
- Salary:25-32K before tax
- Three year contract

The city of Qingdao lies in the east of Shandong Province. It is famous for its blue sea and beautiful beaches.

Qingdao is a wonderful place for summer holidays. Tens of thousands of people from all parts of the country and all corners of the world come to visit the city every summer. They walk along the beaches, go swimming in the sea or do some shopping in the stores or on the markets.

They can see the fine views of the city. Especially attractive are the building groups of the Eastern-and-Western-style mixed houses and villas. Great changes have taken place in Qingdao in the recent years. It has played an important part in the development of the foreign trade of our country. Its port is busy. Ships and vessels from all countries come and go every day.

It has become an international port city.