Early childhood
Hoomroom teacher

Age group:2-6

Yichang City,Hubei Province




Yichang City Hubei Province  Full-time Teaching Job in Private school
 (Esl teacher for kindergarten Esl teacher, for Primary school )
-Work visa 
-Native speaker
-Bachelor's degree
-TEFL/TESOL certificate 
-Teaching experience 
Job details:
-Location:Yichang,Hubei Province
-Start date:Asap 
-Age group:2-6  6-12
-Class size:35                   
-Current FTs:2
-Weekly days off:2 days off on weekends 
-Weekly teaching hours:22
-Monthly salary:before tax 18-25k
-Housing allowance:free single apartment
-Winter holiday:1 month, paid 
-Insurance:Medical Insurance 
-Work meals:3 meals for free 
-Airfare allowance:10k
-Travel allowance:10k
-Child Education Benefits

Yichang City is located at the west of China's Hubei Province,Yichang is where the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River are divided. Thanks to its advantageous geographic location, Yichang has been defined as a distributing center, an important trading port and a transportation hub along the Yangtze river linking west Hubei and east Sichuan since ancient times. For a very long time, it has been renown as "Gateway to the Three Gorges", and "Throat between Sichuan and Hubei". Today,Yichang remains a brisk river port of China, controlling the access to Chongqing City to its southwest.TopographyThe geographic features of Yichang are quite different .There are mountains and forest in the west ,the scene is magnificent and wonderful; but there is a vast stretch of flat fertile land in the east,and natural resources are rich there.In the whole area in the land of the city, the mountain area amount for 69%, hills amount for 21%, plains amount for 10%, which form the characteristic of ground form of "seven mountains, two mounds and one plain".