Middle school
Maths teacher

students' age:12-15

Changsha city, Hunan province


August 2023


Changsha City Hunan Province Full-time Teaching Job in international school
 (Maths teacher for Middle school)
-Work visa 
-Native speaker 
-Bachelor's degree
-TEFL/TESOL certificate 
-Teaching experience  
-Major in Maths 
-Age below 50 years old
Job details:
-Location:Changsha City,Hunan Province 
-Start date:August 2023
-Age group:13-15 
-Class size:25                       
-Current FTs:13 
-Weekly days off:2 days off on weekends 
-Weekly teaching hours:25 
-Work schedule:8:00-12:00am/2:00-5:00pm 
-Monthly salary:21-25k after tax 
-Housing allowance:3-3.5K
-Summer holiday:4-5 weeks, full paid
-Winter holiday:3-4 weeks, full paid 
-Insurance:Helthcare/Medical Insurance 
-Work meals:Lunch for free 
-Relocation fee:
-Airfare allowance:Round-trip
-Annual bonus
-Travel allowance:5K
-Child Education Benefits:2 children for free
-Other benefits:Provide chinese classes

Changsha, a prefecture level city under the jurisdiction of Hunan Province, also known as Xingcheng, is the capital of Hunan Province and an important central city in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River approved by the State Council.

The city has jurisdiction over 6 municipal districts, 2 county-level cities and 1 county, with a total area of 11819 square kilometers and a built-up area of 567.32 square kilometers. According to the data of the seventh census, the permanent resident population of Changsha is 10047914.

Changsha is a national pilot area for comprehensive supporting reform of "two oriented society", an important grain production base in China, an important node city in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River urban agglomeration and the Yangtze River economic belt. It is also a comprehensive transportation hub and a national logistics hub, where Beijing Guangzhou high-speed railway, Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway and Chongqing Xiamen high-speed railway meet. In 2020, Changsha will achieve a regional GDP of 1214.252 billion yuan.