High School
History teacher

Students age: 15-18

Kunming city


Start date: Aug 2023


Kunming City Full-time Teaching Job in Middle/High School
DP History teacher 
-Work visa
-Native Speaker
-Bachelor Degree or above
-TEFL/TESOL Certificate
-More than 2 years teaching experience

Job details:
-Location: Kunming
-Start date: Aug 2023
-Current FTS: 100+
-Work schedule: 8:00-12:00,13:00-16:00
-Students age: 7-18
-Duration: 55min
- eaching Hours: 19-25 hours/week
-Class size: 25-35
-Weekly days off: Saturday and Sunday

-Monthly Salary: 22-25k after tax 
-Free Lunch
-Winter holiday: 3 week full paid
-Summer holiday: 4 week  full paid
-Christmas holiday: 2 week full paid
-National holidays
-Travel allowance
- remium medical insurance, all hospitals in Beijing are covered. (United Family, Raffles has 50% Co-pay)
-Children‘s school Fees:No tuition,but about 20-30K for other fees(registration activitles fees,lunch and optional school bus)

Kunming is the capital of beautiful Yunnan Province located in the far southwestern corner of China.It is well known as the "Spring City,"It is neither too hot in summer or too cold in winter.Rain is prevalent during the Summer; Winters are dry and sunny.Transportation is very convinient.You can go there by plane,car,train and bus.There are many famous local dishes,such as Crossing Bridge Noodles.A walk through the Bird and Flower Market,the Yunnan University area,or around Green Lake Park is a great way to enjoy a sunny afternoon in Kunming.If you have the time and the money,you should also consider a visit to a few of Kunming’s other tourist attractions,such as the Yunnan Provincial Museum,Shilin (Stone Forest),and the Western Hills near Dian Chi.I am sure you will have a good time there.