Early childhood
Homeroom Teacher

Students’ age: 3-6

Tianjin city


August 2023


Full time teaching work in Tianjin
Kindergarten teachers
-Work visa
-No need for black foreign teachers
-TEFL/TESOL certificate
-Related experience 
Job details: 
-Location: Tianjin
-Start date: August 2023

-Students’ age: 3-6
-Students’ number: 20-25
-Work Schedule:  Monday-Friday Work 2 hours per day
-Teaching hour: 10
-Duration: 45min
-Weekly days off: Saturday& Sunday
-Monthly Salary: 15-20KRmb/month(negotiable after the interview)
-Housing Subsidy or Apt:3K
-International Insurance
-Free lunch
-Free of tuition for two children
-Summer Vacation:8weeks/No salary
-Winter Vacation:4weeks /No salary

Tianjin, referred to as Tianjin, the municipality directly under the Central Government of the People's Republic of China, the national central city, the megacities, the economic center of the Bohai Rim region.

The first batch of coastal open cities, the national advanced manufacturing R&D base, the northern international shipping core zone, the financial innovation operation demonstration zone, and the reform and opening-up Area.

Tianjin has risen since ancient times, and Ming Yongle officially built the city on November 21 (December 23, 1404). It is the only city in ancient China with a record of the exact time of city construction.

Tianjin is located at the confluence of the five major tributaries of the Haihe River in the North China Plain. It borders the Bohai Sea in the east and Yanshan in the north. The Haihe River passes through the city. The Haihe River is the mother river of Tianjin. 

Tianjin Binhai New Area is known as “the third growth pole of China's economy”. Tianjin is the resident city of the Summer Davos Forum.

Tianjin is the place where many forms of art form originate, prosper and develop. Among them, Tianjin Shibian, Tianjin Allegro, Jingdong Drum, Jingyun Drum, Iron Drum, and Allegro are formed in Tianjin.

Beijing Opera, Hebei Scorpion, Crosstalk, Pingju, Storytelling, Single String, Plum Blossom Drum, Xihe Drum, etc. Tianjin prospered and developed. Cross talk and Peking Opera are important representatives of Tianjin Quyi.