Sound ideas can go a long way when it comes to choosing and getting the right job. Whether it's exploring a job creating a great CV or preparing for an interview, we can help.

Jointeaching is the first choice for foreign headhunters in international education

If you are in the international education industry, are you facing a bottleneck period in your career, but you find that you have no idea how to find a job? How to resolve the workplace crisis, start again? 

Jointeaching is a professional headhunting team deeply engaged in the education industry, providing a large number of high-quality foreign teachers and high-end management talents for the school for many years, and is a high-quality recruitment partner for the school. 


Lifelong career path planning, regularly matching the most suitable platform

Provide in-depth information about the industry and in-depth guidance for candidate interviews

Industry circle social upgrading, resource integration to help individual value


Advantages of using a headhunter

1. Career planning

We can not only tap the quality and strengths of talents, but also help them improve and make up for their shortcomings. Senior Youhunt to do career analysis and planning for you, clear career direction, clear stage need to obtain resources and skills. Headhunters are your third eye, always paying attention to your career cycle and external suitable opportunities, and together with you to analyze the opportunities and challenges, to make arrangements to go and stay.

2. Industry information

Provide in-depth industry information analysis for talents:

  • Determine the policies and trends of the industry;

  • Judging the development cycle and potential of the school;

  • Determine the career and self-improvement potential of the position;

  • Determine the impact of the position on the future career of the talent;

  • Determine the historic opportunities and possible risks of the position.

3. Resume and interview coaching

Not everyone can write a resume, and even many years of HRD may not be able to write a qualified resume. As a headhunter, how to show your talent advantage through the resume is the first step of professional cooperation. So please send me a copy of your original resume so that I can write a recommendation report for you based on it.

Many great people are not good at expressing themselves. Escorting talents and passing the interview is the top priority of headhunters.

  • What questions may be asked and how to prepare for the first, second and final interview of the position;

  • How to deal with the six general questions in the interview: reasons for leaving, salary issues, advantages and disadvantages, arrival time, evaluation of the boss/employer, rhetorical questions.

4.Offer to discuss salary

Statistics show that the salary increase of talent conversion platform is 5%-15%, and the salary increase of head-hunting conversion platform is 10%-30%. Headhunters can provide talents with the market salary of the position in the region and the salary space that the employer school can afford, so as to successfully reach a salary fit, and remind talents to pay attention to the salary structure. The proportion of fixed part salary in the total annual salary is related to the development cycle of the employer and the development of the industry.

5. Emotional value

Headhunters can help talent manage workplace emotions in a variety of important situations: making the interviewer feel respected by the candidate during the interview; Let the talent full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the new job, cope with office politics; A good first impression; Balancing the unconventional demands of employers; How to integrate into a new team quickly.

6. Socialize in circles

There are two kinds of people in the world who want you to be truly successful: relatives and headhunters. The contacts and resources accumulated by headhunting in the industry for many years can help talents achieve a breakthrough in the circle, increase connections, integrate resources and realize cash, and help candidates enhance their personal IP value and influence.


Rule number one - Confidentiality

Your search partner is a master of secrecy, and the candidate's job-hopping thoughts and actions are fully protected. A candidate's resume can only be used as a recommendation for a designated client, and it is illegal to disseminate information about a candidate's resume. The confidentiality of headhunting not only involves the candidates, but also protects the business secrets of the clients of the headhunting company.


Jointeaching focuses on building an aggregation platform for high-quality talents in the international school industry, providing search and recruitment services for domestic and foreign teachers and management talents in the K12 education industry, as well as human resources and talent career consulting services for international schools;

Through regular human resources summits, Chinese and foreign teacher recruitment fairs, research and release of talent development and industry salary reports, the workplace community is built, providing continuous increments for talent development of international schools, advocating and supporting the healthy flow of talents and management optimization.