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Detailed&Clear Strategies for Foreigners to China

For foreigners who want to come to China, what preparations should they make?


Apply for the Chinese Work Permit Notification Letter
The Notification Letter for the Foreigner’s Work Permit is given by Foreign Expert Affairs Bureau (FEAB), and it is required when you go to Chinese Consulate and apply for a Z-Visa. After foreigners are hired by a Chinese company, they need to download and submit the Application Form for the Foreign Work Permit in China on the website.


▲ Foreigners' Work Permit(different from the Notification Letter) 


01 Required Materials 
1 Scanned Copy of the Passport Information Page

--scanned in color, valid for over 6 months, and with more than 2 blank pages.

2 Formal Headshot

--shot within 6 months, white background, clear image, in JPG format, file size between 40kb-120kb.

3 Employment Contract or Proof of Employment

--signed or marked with an effective seal.

4 Medical Check(dated within 6 months of ETA)

--verification certificate of a physical examination or health examination certificate for all overseas personnel issued by the inspection and quarantine institution.

---health commitment written by the future employer, this usually occurs when the foreigner applicant’s medical check is not obtained during the process of application and the health commitment maked with an official seal.

5 Non-Criminal Report(valid for 6 months from issue date)

--if the applicant is in their home country, it can be conducted locally and verified by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their home country.

--if the applicant has lived in a country other than their country of nationality nor China for more than one year, it can be verified in their current country of residence at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in that country.

--if the applicant has lived in China for more than one year, it can be replaced by the residence permit.

6 Proof of Highest Education

--scanned copy of formal schooling document certificates (bachelor, master's degree, doctor or above) and verified by the Chinese embassies and consulates abroad.

7 Proof of Employment Experience 
choose anyone of the following four:

--authentication of the recognized educational qualification, bachelor’s degree or above, majoring in English or an education related subject;

--Teacher Certification verified by the Chinese Embassy and Consulate stationed abroad;

--TESOL with more than 120 credit hours and TEFL certificate, both verified by the Chinese Embassy and Consulate stationed abroad;

--Proof of teacher-related work experience for more 2 years.


Scanned copy of the original;

Clear statement of the starting and ending time, position, company location, etc. of each work experience;

Stamped with the official seal or signed by leaders in the above department.

8 CV

--consecutive work and education experiences with each break periods no more than 6 months;

--education experience starting from the high school to the highest education, including the starting and ending time of each education experience, the school’s name and the country where the school is located;

--comprehensive personal basic information, such as marriage status, contact information, and home address.


02 Methods to Get Documents Attested
1 If the applicant is abroad, the above documents need to be authenticated in the Chinese Embassy and Consulate stationed abroad.
2 They can also be authenticated by overseas agent companies.
3 If the applicant is in China, the above documents can be authenticated in the Embassy and Consulate of the country of nationality stationed in China. (depending on whether the Embassy and Consulate provides the service).
4 Academic background authentication can also be done at the Service Center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of  Education.


Application Process

Take foreign teachers being hired by Chinese schools as an example:

1 Use your account and password to log in to the website of the Foreign Expert Affairs Bureau (FEAB):

2 Get to the page of “Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit”, click “Category B professionals”, scroll down the menu of “Teaching personnel for foreign language”, to find the “start to fill in” button and click it. 

Notes: fill in all the information as required, and make sure that the position, salary, starting and ending date of the contract should be in identical with the employment contract.

3 Download and print the Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit, sign it and mark it with the official seal of the Chinese school, then upload it back to the online system. 

Notes: All the English materials should be translated into Chinese and covered with the official seal of the school.

4 After uploading all the required documents, click the submit button. The review period is generally within 5 working days (during this period, you are able to log on to the website to check the processing status).
5 After passing the pre-review, make an appointment online to submit all the paper materials to Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau or the corresponding District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.
6 working days later, the Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit will be accessible. Log on to the website to download it. 
7 For foreign teachers who are not in China, the school can send the Notification Letter to them through email. Then foreign teachers can apply for a Z Visa with it. 


Apply for the 'Z' Visa

▲ Z Visa


The 'Z' Visa allows a foreigner to work in China. It is issued by your regional Chinese Visa office to those who have successfully submitted the proper documents to the Chinese government.


Required Materials:

1 Work Permit Notification Letter

The Chinese Work Permit Notification Letter is a legal document means the holder has the legal right to work in China as a foreign expert. The Chinese Work Permit Notification Letter allows you, the holder, to then apply for a ‘Z’ Visa from regional Chinese Visa office.

Once your Chinese Work Permit Notification Letter (and other documents) have been gained, the Chinese employer will send it to you via email. You must then print those documents in color and take them to your regional Chinese Visa office to apply for your 'Z' Visa.

2 To Officially Obtain the 'Z' Visa

Original, signed passport with at least six months of remaining validity and blank visa pages, and a copy of the passport's data page and the photo page if it is separate;

One completed Visa Application Form (Form V.2013) and two passport photos— one photo glued onto the form.

To electronically fill out and print the China Visa Application Form V.2103 go to either:



This form must be filled out by word processing (all fields typed) and no mistakes! The Chinese consulate will not accept it if it's filled out by hand. Also, do not use any white out or have any lines crossed out. It really must be typed out perfectly.


Get Ready to Fly to China
1 After purchasing the air ticket, learn the nucleic acid testing requirements for entering China through the airline company or the Chinese Embassy in advance. 
2 Get the nucleic acid test and serum test in advance to obtain the test report before boarding.
3 To upload the test report, passport, visa, and personal itinerary information to the Embassy at the place of departure to apply for the "HDC" health code / health instruction manual.
4 After receiving the "HDC" health code / health instruction manual, print out or save the QR code in color, and show it when going through security before boarding. 


After Entering China
1 Centralized Quarantine

According to the latest notice for foreigners entering China, foreign nationals must get nucleic acid test at the airport, and then according to the requirements of the epidemic prevention department, they will be quarantined at the designated places. The quarantine time varies in accordance with the local epidemic prevention and control policy, but generally lasting for 14 to 28 days, namely 14-day centralized medical observation and 7-to-14-day home quarantine. 

After the quarantine period, foreigners will have to undergo multiple nucleic acid tests as required by the local epidemic prevention and control center. Only when all the nucleic acid tests are negative, can foreigners end the quarantine. 

2 Medical Check

If the foreigner has had a physical examination in the country of departure, the health check report should be taken to the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau for notarization. If not, a physical examination should be organized within 7 days after entry, and the examination report can generally be obtained within two working days.