Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi DIY


What is Zongzi called in English? We say sticky rice dumplings. Which festival  is Zongzi for? It is for the traditional and iconic Dragon Boat Festival food. That's why the festival is also called the Zongzi Festival or Rice Dumplings Festival. On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, in order to share our traditional culture with Chinese and foreign residents, we hold a rice dumpling experience activity in International Community on May 30. 



 Culture Sharing


Why do we eat Zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival? What is inside Zongzi?  How many types of Zongzi are there in China? For those who want to learn Chinese culture, traditional festival grant us especial  unique opportunities to hear stories. Oliver, a foreign volunteer for the Tongzilin International Community, will introduce the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival and Zongzi in English.



Making Zongzi


Zongzi (粽子/dzong-dz/ are “packets” of sticky rice with various fillings, wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. Zongzi appear in different shapes, according to different customs across China, as well as other countries. While they are usually triangles,  Zongzi differ in taste from one place to another across China. There are mainly two tastes to zongzi: sweet or savory. Nowadays, people even make zongzi with mixed sweet and savory fillings. You will have the opportunity to experience making zongzi and take it home to share with your family.