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Ministry of Education: "national vocational education intelligent education platform" serves all people's learning
2022-05-24 11:49:24

At the press conference held by the Ministry of education today, Chen Ziji, director of the Department of vocational education and adult education of the Ministry of education, introduced that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, vocational education at different levels has been effectively connected, and the development ability of vocational school students is more sufficient. Over the past 10 years, the basic position of secondary vocational schools has been further consolidated, the dominant position of junior colleges and higher vocational colleges has been continuously strengthened, and the vocational undergraduate education has developed steadily. Secondary vocational schools focus on delivering students with a solid foundation of technical skills and qualified culture for higher vocational education. From the "national backbone higher vocational college construction project" to the "national high-quality school construction project", and then to the "high-level higher vocational schools and specialty construction plan with Chinese characteristics", a number of higher vocational schools and specialties leading reform, supporting development, Chinese characteristics and world-class have gradually grown up, effectively supporting the national regional development strategy and industrial transformation and upgrading. Undergraduate level vocational education broke the ice and broke the "ceiling" that vocational education stopped at the junior level. The newly revised vocational education law has reserved space for ordinary colleges and universities to set up the specialty of vocational undergraduate education and vocational colleges at the junior college level to set up the specialty of vocational undergraduate education. Students in vocational schools can not only read junior colleges, but also go to undergraduate courses. The attraction and influence of vocational education have been continuously improved.

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